It all started with a loop...

Over a decade ago, in 2005, two best friends started a little handmade jewelry business called The Perfect Loop. One day, early on, Melissa made a loop for an earring that was completely perfect. Shannon said "wow, that's a perfect loop!" and the name just kind of stuck.

Melissa and Shannon spent several years sharing their jewelry with the world before moving on to handmade greeting cards. Eventually, Melissa became the main creator and began to add digital graphics and printables into the product line.

Today, The Perfect Loop has been rebranded into Vegas Girl Designs. Melissa was married in Las Vegas and still hopes to retire there one day far in the future. She runs a craft blog called A Vegas Girl at Heart.

Melissa loves to create, whether it is handmade jewelry, greeting cards, or digital designs, and just wants to share her passion with the world.

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